Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mega Millions Soars, as The 7 Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Just Missing Tickets

Mega Millions Soars, as The 7 Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Just Missing Tickets: For the second time in two months, lottery jackpot reached $ 200 million - in cash.

Last night, no one hit all the numbers that fell in the Mega Millions - 1, 4, 6, 11 and 14, with a Mega Ball 30 - both announced retirement shot up to $ 290 million, or $ 205 million in cash.

A huge 68 tickets missed Mega Ball, including five in New Jersey and two in Pennsylvania. Ticket in Pennsylvania who do not have Megaplier option factor, is $ 250,000. It is not known, this morning was whether one of the tickets have been Britain Megaplier, which will increase the price to $ 1 million.

If you win a ticket at a time - and not every player dreams of lottery? - Mail will be the second largest all-time only Powerball $ 210 million collected earlier this month to 81 years, Louise White of Rhode Island. She won the Feb. 11 drawing.

The biggest jackpot win has always been $ 240 million for Mega Millions on January 4, 2011 drawing. It was divided into two tickets, Idaho and Washington.

Mega Millions jackpot in cash, of course, ranks number 5 of all time.

California was the lion's share of second place - 21 - which proved to be unfavorable for them within the state tote system. By divvying pool of money to a large extent, California does not offer the Megaplier, each winner pays only $ 56,382.

In addition, the price of $ 250,000, or $ 1 million with the Megaplier. Michigan nine second-place winners in New York for eight years, four in Texas, Massachusetts, Kentucky, and three, and Indiana and Ohio for two. The winner was the one, Maryland, South Carolina, Vermont, Wisconsin, Illinois and Idaho.

When, in Pennsylvania and New Jersey tickets were sold - and if tickets Jersey won $ 1 million - should be known today.

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